Intrinsic Montana beauty revealed in each piece of furniture. Timber and stone innovations. Native timber and stone used to create artistic, pastoral furnishings. Hand crafted with concern.

Starting at $170.00

The original saddle stool. Stools are white pine and lodgepole hand shaped for comfort. Benches are also.
Starting at $300.00

Natural or dark stain with hints of tooling marks can create an age old look.

Starting at $500.00

Montana cedar stumps from years gone by, montana slate hand picked from the surrounding mountains. Brought together, shaped and polished, these Montana cedar and stone tables are hundreds of years old, beautiful, and hand made of Montana.
Starting at $500.00

Montana mountain maple. Steamed and shaped, used with white pine to create benches and tables.

All this furniture is handmade in Montana and has a beautiful and durable finish.

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Fine Log Arts
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